How to Join the Dojo

Students who are considering joining the dojo may attend a class before deciding. Please email ahead of time using the get in touch area of the website. Those wishing to observe class are welcome to do so but should message Sensei ahead of time. Students who belong to other Aikido dojos are welcome to visit with consent of their instructor. There is no fee for classes. All participants must sign a waiver.

Our Adult Aikido Classes are for participants ages 12 and older. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for the children of adult Aikido students. These classes range from basic to advanced and train students in all aspects of the art including defense against various attacks, throws, rolling, and Aikido weapons. Though the adult classes place more emphasis on the self-defense aspects of the art, the cooperative nature of the practice along with the option to skip or work up to any activity that a student does not feel ready for, allows people of varying physical abilities to participate and learn at their own pace. The flexible nature of Aikido, that there are usually multiple alternatives in a given situation, can even allow people with physical limitations to work around them when training in Aikido. The partner-based practice simultaneously allows students who are able to train more vigorously to do so in the same class.

You don’t have to be young and fit to join us. Students who have trained Aikido previously should communicate with Sensei about which classes to attend.

All martial arts have a set of etiquette rules that you will need to learn and Aikido is no exception. But don’t worry. We don’t expect you to know them before you start and you’ll learn them as you go along. In essence, etiquette expresses our respect for the dojo, the teachers and each other and for the art that we practice.


A waiver must be signed by (or for minors) by all participants or guardians.

Come about 15 minutes early and be dressed before class time, if at all possible. Long exercise pants, such as sweat pants, are appropriate as well as short or long sleeved shirts. No tank tops. For safety, no jewelry may be worn in class including earrings, watches, and rings. If have you a white martial arts uniform (Karate, Judo, or Aikido styles) with no insignia, you may wear this with a white (not colored) belt (unless you have a black belt specifically in Aikido). Uniforms can be purchased from various online vendors.