Shomenuchi Iriminage Jiu Waza

´╗┐ This is a video demonstrating various versions of the Aikido technique Iriminage in response to the Shomenuchi attack. The Shomen attack represents an overhead attack with a weapon, such as a hammer or club, but by training empty hand it is possible to train at full...
Katatedori Shihonage omote

Katatedori Shihonage omote

This is a photo of the technique Katatedori Shihonage omote, which was taken at our former Aikido at UAB location in Birmingham, Alabama. ┬áThis photo is a good example of how (by utilizing Uke’s momentum combined with full extension of her arm and a grounded...

Welcoming 2017

The Utsusemi Aikikai dojo met on January 2, 2017 to welcome in the new year. In an act of sacred purification, we rang the chime 108 times and performed 108 sword cuts. Kotoshi mo yoroshiku o-negai-shimasu!